Demon’s Sonic, Devil’s Sonic/Around

In this post you will learn how to do a few basic penspinning hybrids. A hybrid in penspinning is a sequence of tricks, in which a subsequent trick starts before the previous one was fully completed. Basically, a few interrupted tricks linked together.

What’s with the weird trick names you might ask? Well, these three tricks were invented when penspinning was still in its infancy and people would just name stuff they came up with however they liked. The “Demon” and “Devil” in the names has something to do with they way we show our middle finger when doing the tricks. Not nice. Anyways, let’s move on to the tricks.

Demon’s Sonic Tutorial

The notation of this trick is Sonic 34 ~ Pass Rev 24-12, however that might be a bit confusing due to the “hybrid” nature of this trick. Start by doing a Sonic 34-23, but instead of catching the pen in 23, keep your ring finger bent down and allow the pen to continue to 12. The whole trick looks like a regular sonic with an extension which allows the pen to travel to a higher finger slot.

Devil’s Sonic Tutorial

The breakdown of Devil’s Sonic is Twisted Sonic 23-12 ~ Shadow 12-12. The trick is done palm down and is fairly straightforward. Start with most of your pen under your hand and do the Twisted Sonic 23-12. Instead of catching it, let the pen slide under your slightly raised middle finger and directly into a Shadow 12-12. If you like the basic form of this trick, you can do it starting in the 34 slot. From there you can do the analogous Twisted Sonic 34-23 ~ Shadow 23-23 or something slightly more difficult like Twisted Sonic 34-12 ~ Shadow 12-12. You can even try doing inverse versions of this trick, which means you do the trick on the opposite (here: inner) part of your hand.

Devil’s Around Tutorial

The Devil’s Around can be described as a Twisted Sonic 23-12 ~ Shadow 12-23. If you can do the Devil’s Sonic, you shouldn’t have problems with the Devil’s Around.