Menowa* – Penspinning World Champion

The penspinning community organizes tournaments, where the best spinners battle it out for fame and honor. They can take place in an online or offline setting. The most important one, the “World Tournament”, is played out over the internet in a single-elimination style.  In each round, spinners send their ~15-30s films (the typical length of a penspinning combo) to the judging committee, which then attempts to rank them. The films are then revealed to the public, usually in the form of youtube videos. Judges are required to rate the videos based on specific criteria, as well as submit their explanations.
The criteria for the World Tournament 2015 were as follows:

  • Execution
  • Difficulty
  • Originality
  • Effectiveness
  • Presentation

Though not perfect, they enforce a decent level of judging fairness. Below, you can see the winning video from the final round of the tournament.


There is no controversy as to whether Menowa* , the winner of WT 2015, is one of the best penspinners in the world. In his World Tournament performance, the Japanese penspinner shows nearly flawless execution and amazing difficulty. In addition, he is the inventor of some of the most creative tricks and transitions. These factors, combined with a proper filming angle and camera quality, make his videos to be one of the most fascinating displays of penspinning of all time.

If you want to see more of his spinning, check out the following video. It is a nice compilation of his youtube videos made by a fan.



Of course, the best way to keep up to date with what Menowa* has to offer is to subscribe to his channel. His youtube name is psKisARaGi.