Menowa* VGG Mod – A great pen for penspinning

When it comes to picking a proper pen for penspinning, things can get confusing pretty fast. There are literally hundreds of different pen modifications so how are you supposed to pick the best one? Well, the truth is, despite what some people may say, there is no “best pen for penspinning”. There are different styles and preferences in this hobby and you shouldn’t feel forced to take a specific route in your penspinning “career”. If you like oldschool Japanese / Korean penspinning, or if you want your mod to be able to write and actually look like a pen, you might want to check out the RSVP MX. The upside to it is that it can be used in a classroom / work setting without attracting attention. The downside to such a pen is that many tricks are next to impossible to learn on it due to its small size and asymmetry.

If you like the content at Penspinning Central and want to be able to learn as many tricks as you can, then the Menowa* VGG Mod is a great option for you. The main reasons are that it is balanced and symmetrical, as well as long and heavy enough for any trick in penspinning. It also looks really cool. It is not the only good pen mod out there, but it is my favorite one and I have used it for every trick video until now. It has assisted me for years and I am sure it will help you improve at penspinning as well. Anyways, let’s move on to the tutorial.

Menowa* VGG Mod Tutorial

This Menowa* VGG Mod is a well known pen mod in the penspinning community. It was created by spinner Menowa*, the champion of the 2015 Penspinning World Tournament. The tutorial below shows you how to make my slightly modified version which substitutes a few exotic parts with more accessible ones. The look and feel of the pen is almost exactly the same. The length of the pen is around 23cm but can be adjusted based on preference. It weighs about 21g.

You will need the following parts:
1x Bic Round Stic
2x Zebra Airfit rings and tips
1x Dr. Grip grips (if you have 2 of them, it will make your life easier)
2x Crayola Supertips
Anyball grips: blue, pink, black
1x o-ring or similar