Other Tricks 1: Twisted Sonic, Inverse Sonic, Thumbspin 1.5, Extended TA

So you’ve learned the “4 fundamentals” (or some of them) and are looking for more tricks? Good! Here are some other popular tricks to practice.

Twisted Sonic

This one is a combination of the charge and the pass. Do the charge but before ending it, add a pass. This trick is a popular “spam” trick; many spinners use it in combos as a filler between more difficult tricks. Try to perform it in different finger slots and with your hand tilted at different angles. Using it in different ways will later help you build combos easier.

Here is a video of the twisted sonic 23-12:



Inverse Sonic

As the name suggests, this one is also a modification of the sonic. This time, the pen travels in front of a finger instead of behind it. The most basic variation is the inverse sonic 23-12, where the pen travels in front of the middle finger.



Thumbspin 1.5

Push the pen like when doing a thumbaround, but let the pen spin an extra 0.5 rotations (or more) on your thumb. Bending your thumb at the right moment is crucial.



Extended Thumbaround

This one is a thumbaround with a 0.5 “extension”, which ends in finger slot 12. Start by doing the thumbaround, but instead of catching the pen, raise your index finger slightly to achieve the extra rotation. Pushing the pen with your index finger for the thumbaround makes this trick a lot easier.