Other Tricks 2: Index Backaround, Figure 8, Shadow, Arounds

Here is the next batch of tricks to test your skills.


Index Backaround (Bak)

The backaround (or bak which is short for BackAround Korean) is a trick where the pen makes a full rotation around one of your fingers. It is usually performed with your palm down or sideways. The easiest one is the basic index version. Hold the pen in slot 12, with most of the length of the pen being outside of your grasp. Swing the pen around your index finger and catch it in the same finger slot. Important tip: most of the motion comes from your wrist/arm and not your fingers.



Figure 8

This trick belongs to a family called “wipers”, where tricks are done while holding the pen by one of its ends. Some of these moves have a distinct “waving” look to them. The figure 8 is a basic wiper trick (technically a minicombo). It is somewhat hard to explain it well in text, so try to learn it from my video.




Remember the thumbspin, from the previous article? The shadow is another trick which involves spinning the pen on the top of your fingers, ie. a “topspin”. It can be done in many finger slots, but let’s try the simplest one, shadow 12-12. The pen should make a total of 1.5 revolutions, which are composed of a charge-like motion, and a topspin. Hold the pen in slot 12 and swing it with most of the force coming from your wrist. Let the pen complete a short charge motion before releasing it from your grip. It should now be spinning near the fingerslot 12, until you catch it and let it complete the 1.5 rotation.



Middle-, Ringaround

While the thumbaround is a beginner move, I would describe the middle- and ring arounds more as intermediate tricks. Try them both with your hand sideways. The ringaround is harder for most people in the beginning, due to weaker dexterity in the ring and pinky fingers. As seen below, both tricks also can be done reverse, which is slightly more difficult.