Pen Modifications – RSVP MX Tutorial

Pen modifications, or “pen mods” in short, are custom built pens created to make performing tricks easier. At some point in your journey, it will become very difficult to make further progress without getting your hands on one of these. As there are huge amounts of mods, picking the first one can be a daunting task. Created by penspinner Kam, the RSVP MX is a pen mod which has stood the test of time and is guaranteed to assist you in learning any trick or combo you can currently find on Penspinning Central.  Its parts are widely available, it can write well and when you don’t look closely, it resembles a normal pen which shouldn’t gain too much attention – perfect for casual practice in many settings.

RSVP MX Tutorial

To build the RSVP MX, you will need the following pens:

  • 1 Pentel RSVP
  • 1 Pentel Hybrid Gel Grip. There are a few different types of these, make sure it looks like the one below.

MX 1


Additionally, you will need some tool to make a small hole with. Ideally a drill, but anything sharp and small enough should get the job done.



  • remove the grip and metal tip from the Hybrid Gel Grip pen. You won’t need the rest.

MX 2

  • take off the grip from the RSVP, and insert it into the RSVP cap.

  • drill a hole through the backplug, just big enough to put the tip of the ink tube through it. The hole shouldn’t be too big, otherwise the ink tube won’t sit firmly.

MX 4

  • screw the backplug onto the body, along with the ink tube. Put the Hybrid Gel Grip metal tip on the opposite side, glue might be helpful. Optional – roll an insert around the ink tube (size about 8.8cm x 3.8cm).

MX 5

  • slide the Hybrid Gel Grip over the tip and onto the body. Finally, put the cap with the grip inside it over the backplug. Enjoy your brand new pen mod!

MX 7