The 4 Fundamentals in Reverse

If you can already do the 4 Penspinning Fundamentals, it makes sense to expand your skillset by practicing their reverse forms. It is often the case that after mastering a trick in its basic form, learning the reverse variation becomes a lot easier. Therefore, these tricks shouldn’t take you too much time to learn.
Anyways, here are the 4 Penspinning Fundamentals in reverse:


Thumbaround Reverse Tutorial

There are 2 main ways of executing the thumbaround reverse. The first one is the “fingerless” version, where you slightly flick your wrist before letting the pen go. In the second one, you push your index finger, kind of like pulling a trigger.



Charge Reverse Tutorial

Try to do this one in different finger slots, as seen in the video. Charge normal and reverse are important tricks, so be sure to set a good foundation for your penspinning progress by learning them well.



Sonic Reverse Tutorial

Not much to say here. If you can do sonic normal well, sonic reverse shouldn’t be too difficult for you.



Fingerpass Reverse Tutorial

Like I said in the article with the normal fundamentals, you shouldn’t spend too much time on this trick, since you probably won’t be using full fingerpasses often. Even many experienced penspinners have a hard time doing this trick smoothly, because practice is better spent on other tricks. Try to get the hang of moving through fingerslots in reverse but don’t bother to make it look flawless unless it is your favorite trick.